What is WizED?

WizED is an online software tool that helps students plan an academic schedule, monitor progress, predict scores and mentor to succeed. WizED helps students adopt proper study habits and learn to manage time. WizED is designed to help students score a 4.0 GPA. WizED has several unique and innovative features:

Why use WizED?

WizED is primarily designed for Students. It has Reporting and Viewing capabilities that help Counselors and Parents.

How WizED Works?

WizED is a very easy step by step process:

Step 1

A Student fills out the Questionnaire.

Step 2

WizED will develop an Academic Plan with a study schedule that will be uniquely designed for the student.

Step 3

The student will follow the study schedule, while learning proper study and time management techniques.

Step 4

WizED will monitor the student's performance and alert when performance is low.