World Rankings: Where does America Stand?

The OECD conducts an international comparison of educational performance every three years. The results for the 2009 Program for International Student Assessment were published in December 2010. The chart below shows the top performing countries in reading, mathematics and science, in rank order.

Today American standings are considered to be average at best.

2009: Program for International Student Assessment


- 31st
- 23rd
- 17th

Alarming Statistics

Here are some statistics that we cannot overlook :

70.5 %

Public High School Graduation Rate
Percentage of Students going to College Directly from High School

63.3 %

36.2 %

18 – 24 Year Olds Enrolled in College
Transition and Completion Rates from 9th grade to College

20.5 %

Graduation Rates in America

55.5 % of students earn a Bachelors degree in 6 years

Graduation Rates: Six-Year Graduation Rates for Bachelor Degree Students - 2009

US Map


Why are the Rates so Low?

There are several factors that impact students. According to an article in the Washington Post there are 3 big reasons why:

• Money
• Family
• Academic Preparation

“A report by Public Agenda, ‘With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them,’ surveyed more than 600 young adults aged 22 to 30. They compared those who did not finish their college educations with those who did. The biggest reason why students didn’t complete their education? They couldn’t juggle the competing demands of increasingly complex lives, including work, school, and family.”
- Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

What does WizED do?

WizED is designed to help students

Succeed Academically

Develop Time Management Skills

Account for stress factors when developing a Study Plan