Client Quotes

  My child has immensely increased her learning capabilities and is now better prepared to transition to a University from a community college.
- Sharon (Parent)
  WizED is a revolutionary software that allowed me to better plan my schedule and help me understand the time required to study for different classes. I have already recommended it to my friends.
- Katie (Student)
  FreshmenSuccess has some great tools. I use WizED on a daily basis and it has changed the way I study. I also was very impressed with the Career Map. It helped me realize that I have different options when it comes to choosing a career.
- Jimmy (Student)


Empowering Students to -

  • Learn the Correct Study Techniques
  • Build Organizational Skills
  • Develop Time Management Techniques
  • Get Alerts on Class Performance

Empowering Counselors/Advisors -

  • Increase Retention
  • Develop Enhanced Study Planner
  • Manage progress of large number of Students with ease
  • Track Student Performance

Empowering Parents to -

  • Track Child’s Performance
  • Follow progress with Minimal Intervention
  • Get Alerts on Low Performance
  • Enhance Child’s Academic Success

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